Crepuscule Caverns – A D20 and 4D6 Adventure

Sammi is currently engaged in the exploration of a network of caves.  Chapter 3 of her adventures will also be written as an RPG adventure for D20 systems (using the Open Gaming License.)  It will also be reformed as the first adventure for the 4d6 System.

The pre-release version can be downloaded at your convenience.  As it is updated (as Sammi makes her way through her adventure) additional segments will be added.  We can’t go too fast though… spoilers.

The same person who designed the 4d6 Rules System is designing the adventure.  More of their work can be found on their DMsGuild page.  Free maps for your own tabletop RPG sessions, and a paid 5e Adventure can be found there.

Download Links

Crepuscule Caverns D20 5e Table Top RPG

Chapter Zero: Introduction

Chapter One: Eastern Reach

Chapter Two: The Goblin Caverns

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