Crepuscule Caverns – A D20 and 4D6 Adventure

Sammi is currently engaged in the exploration of a network of caves.  Chapter 3 of her adventures will also be written as an RPG adventure for D20 systems (using the Open Gaming License.)  It will also be reformed as the first adventure for the 4d6 System. The pre-release version can be downloaded at your convenience.  … More Crepuscule Caverns – A D20 and 4D6 Adventure

D20 Systems

So the first thing I want to do is talk a little bit about D20 games.  Specifically in the modern 5e environment. The good people at Wizards of the Coast has published their System Resources Documents for free.  They’ll tell you everything you need to know about characters, and life, and actions in a 5e D20 world. … More D20 Systems

First Entry

Sammi’s Quest: The Website begins now… Who knows what sort of information will be added as the time passes.  Right now it is the homepage for the interactive story Sammi’s Quest: Dreams of the White Bird, which is an ongoing piece told on twitter.  Click here to be part of the story.