Patreon Adventures

As noted, part of the Patreon Rewards will be adventures that are written…  Sometimes you just have an idea that needs to be shared with the world.  And that’s what’s happening for the first year of adventures that will be written. Right now it’s set to be a trilogy in four parts.  Because sometimes enough … More Patreon Adventures

Crepuscule Caverns – A D20 and 4D6 Adventure

Sammi is currently engaged in the exploration of a network of caves.  Chapter 3 of her adventures will also be written as an RPG adventure for D20 systems (using the Open Gaming License.)  It will also be reformed as the first adventure for the 4d6 System. The pre-release version can be downloaded at your convenience.  … More Crepuscule Caverns – A D20 and 4D6 Adventure

Sammi’s Quest 4D6 Gaming System (Coming Soon)

The Sammi’s Quest 4D6 Gaming System is under development.  It is an introductory style Pen and Paper RPG that combines everything players love about their favourite systems, with ease of entry for new players. The 4D6 Gaming System is developed to allow young players to jump into the world of Role Playing Games without needing … More Sammi’s Quest 4D6 Gaming System (Coming Soon)

D20 Systems

So the first thing I want to do is talk a little bit about D20 games.  Specifically in the modern 5e environment. The good people at Wizards of the Coast has published their System Resources Documents for free.  They’ll tell you everything you need to know about characters, and life, and actions in a 5e D20 world. … More D20 Systems