DotWB: Introduction

Sammi’s Quest: Dreams of the White Bird is an ongoing story written on twitter.  It is a work created by the author, but also directed in part by the whims of the reader.

Twitter polls are used to choose certain actions that Sammi can and will take.  Should a tie occur a die roll will determine the choice from the tied options.  Die roles are displayed within [brackets].  For example [2] would indicate the die rolled a 2.

When Sammi attempts something her actions are determined through the D20 system, made popular by Dungeons and Dragons.  Die rolls will also be made, and modifiers will be applied.  The final result will then be displayed in [brackets].  For example, were Sammi to try to gain insight about another character, her modifier it +4.  That result would be added to a D20 die roll.  For example, if the die displayed a 7, the final result would show as [11].

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Sammi’s Quest: Dreams of the White Bird – Introduction is complete.

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